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Faith Unit – Reading

Choose one of these novels to read in your own time over the course of the unit. As you read, reflect on… How this book engages with the topic of faith. How the understanding you gain from this book might be different from the kind of knowledge you could acquire in other ways (e.g. by […]

Hearing Colours

How synaesthesia inspires artists The experience of colour as we usually understand it is a visual one: objects have colour, artists use colour, and we can recall a colour in our mind’s eye. But for some people, colour is a more multi-sensory affair, linked to sound, texture, taste or shapes. Music has a hue – […]

Why not make an exhibition of fake artwork?

Why do we only worship “real” art? – Polly Toynbee, The Guardian 13.11.2014 What’s wrong with modern perfect reproductions of the world’s greatest art that we could display in any gallery, virtually identical to the original? You can feel the frisson of shock at such iconoclasm, undermining the religion of art and the art market. […]