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The Heart and the Mind

The mind-bending effects of feeling two hearts Every second or so, Carlos would feel a small “bump” hitting his tummy. It was the beating of his “second heart”. The small mechanical pump was meant to relieve the burden of his failing cardiac muscles, but Carlos (not his real name) disliked the sensation. The beat of […]

The New Normal Barbie, Acne and Cellulite Sold Separately

For all you cunning entrepreneurs, need-finders and future product designers, here’s a success story. Nickolay Lamm, a self-professed artist and researcher, raised a hefty round of crowd-sourced funding last year towards his project, the Lammily doll. Lammily is supposed to be the long-awaited antidote to Barbie, whose dimensions we talked about in class on Tuesday. […]

Burial of Ebola Victims the Greatest Source of Infection

“Ebola victims are most infectious right after death—which means that West African burial practices, where families touch the bodies, are spreading the disease like wildfire.” This article addresses the traditional burial practices that were responsible for the soaring infection rates of Ebola in West Africa. Medical personnel tasked to ensure “safe burial” (by taking the bodies away […]

Who is Right?

It is said that the famous sophist Protagoras took on a pupil, Euathlus, on the understanding that the student pay Protagoras for his instruction after he wins his first court case. Protagoras decided to sue Euathlus for the amount owed. Protagoras argued that if he won the case he would be paid his money. If […]