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Kim Jong Un, the One and Only

Kim Jong Un has banned the use of his name across North Korea. Those, men and women, who may share his name must now find a new name and make the legal change or face jail time. New infants must not be named this either. Imagine having to change your name simply because someone else […]

Another One on Ferguson

After Michael Brown was shot dead in August, his mother, Leslie McSpadden, said, “My son was sweet. He didn’t mean any harm to anybody.” He was, she said, “a gentle giant.” But when police officer Darren Wilson fired the shot that ended Brown’s life, he saw things differently. “I felt like a five-year-old holding onto […]

Paying for the past

Caribbean nations prepare demand for slavery reparations Heads of state of 15 Caribbean nations will gather in St Vincent on Monday to unveil a plan demanding reparations from Europe for the enduring suffering inflicted by the Atlantic slave trade. In an interview with the Guardian, Sir Hilary Beckles, who chairs the reparations task force charged with framing […]

The meaning of poop

The Oral History of the Poop Emoji link Kat: In Japanese that’s called “unchi.” It’s a child word with a benign meaning. Once we bring  outside of the Japanese community, we have all of these acquired meanings, so you’ve got a problem. Well, this is insulting. Of course somebody will say, Did the Unicode Consortium sink this […]