Robot doctors, online lawyers, automated architects

From The Guardian:

Knowledge-based jobs were supposed to be safe career choices, the years of study it takes to become a lawyer, say, or an architect or accountant, in theory guaranteeing a lifetime of lucrative employment. That is no longer the case. Now even doctors face the looming threat of possible obsolescence. Expert radiologists are routinely outperformed by pattern-recognition software, diagnosticians by simple computer questionnaires. In 2012, Silicon Valley investor Vinod Khosla predicted that algorithms and machines would replace 80% of doctors within a generation.

Reflection prompt:

Write a 200-300 word reflection on how your potential career could be affected by new technology.
Hypothetically, if the only way for you to keep your job is to “upgrade” yourself by robotizing a portion of your body or brain for the sake of your career, and this was common practice, would you do it?

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30 thoughts on “Robot doctors, online lawyers, automated architects

  1. Profile photo of WonJun KwonWonJun Kwon

    As the robots are being upgraded and improved, people are losing their jobs. Since robots can do drudgeries or same-pattern jobs repeatedly but humans cannot, they became main sources to maintain the factory. From the first industrial revolution to modern days, robots have been crucial parts of societies. They now can perform from chores to medical works, almost surpassing human’s abilities. Thus, what if humans’ only chance to keep their jobs is to upgrade them by robotizing one or more parts of their bodies? If it so, then I will choose to upgrade myself.
    Robots have been evolved for long time and the result is quite marvelous. Humans also have been adapted to the world and improved for thousands of years. However, due to the creation of robots, many people’s jobs were taken over. Although many boycotts and complaints were made, no entrepreneurs actually cared about humans because the efficiency of using robots is usually higher than that of humans. Thus, considering the aspect of ‘reality’, I will rather choose myself to be robotized so that I will be even more intelligent or able than robots. This way, I can keep my jobs. If people refuse to be upgraded, it also means they lose opportunity to be improved, always being inferior to robots. To keep my job and be superior to robots, which was originally made by humans and now tries to excel in everything, I will choose to upgrade any portions of my body.

      1. Profile photo of WonJun KwonWonJun Kwon

        When I got older, I want to be a diplomat. This will be greatly affected by new technologies in future because they will be able to contain more languages than human can do. For example, if there are a diplomat who can speak 4 languages very fluently and a robot that is installed many languages, people will prefer to hire the robot as diplomat. However, I doubt if robot will ever be able to translate the emotion that the words have. Such complex situations as conversation with ironies or jokes will be very hard for robots to translate.

  2. Profile photo of BeckyBecky

    One of the jobs I am thinking of getting when I get older is teacher. This job requires a lot of knowledge. However, I think this job will also slowly get replaced but not as much as other jobs like lawyer and doctor. This is because teachers not only teach basic knowledge and fact but they also have to encourage students to think independently and widen their view of this world and what they know. I don’t think such tasks are available by robots. They might be programmed with more knowledge than teachers, but these machines won’t understand students as much as humans can. Many people say parents and teachers influence students’ personality and their values. If the robots teach students, will students be able to think about these TOK questions? Real life situation? With robots who are not well-designed to solve unexpected situation and ideas that require your tuition and emotions, I don’t think that is possible. Therefore, I think teachers won’t be replaced by robots that much. Well…. I wish not. Because I think robot teachers should not replace human teachers fully, even if “upgrading” yourself is common at that time, I won’t follow it. I won’t change myself just for the sake of career. I personally think that if someone upgrades themself just for the sake of career is not actually valuing your career. If someone really values, they should stay as who they are and continue their career remembering the reasons for choosing this career at the first place.

  3. Profile photo of Brian Ma

    Robotics is getting more and more advanced each day in our lives, and robots are much more efficient at completing repetitive tasks than humans. This is a growing problem because more and more robots are substituting human labor which means people are losing their jobs. Right now this trend of using robots in factories is growing bigger and getting more popular. In a few years, maybe robots can perform better than doctors and surgeons; maybe robots can be perfected to such a degree that there would be a 100% success chance for any operation or surgery. Some people could have dedicated their whole life to performing surgeries, but suddenly robots can do the job in a much safer and much predictable way. I want to become a architect and i dream of building my own house in the future; however, there could be robot architects that can generate thousands of designs of homes in a few minutes. If this actually happens, no company would be willing to accept a human architect while the robot architects have a much higher efficiency. If i can upgrade a part of my physical body in order to keep my job or to survive in the robotics world, I might choose to do so. I might be willing to upgrade a few parts of my body if the upgrade is completely safe and beneficial to me. However, I will not choose to upgrade too much because I feel like i would become less “human” if too much of me is robotized.

  4. Profile photo of Elizabeth Lee

    In our current society, the technology is becoming more developed. Within few years further, it is possible for the robotics to replace all of the careers. Therefore, it will cause an increase in unemployment rate. This is because the robotics may do a better job on accuracy than human does. For example the psychiatrist, which it is one of my considerations for future careers. This is a job that I think it can be replaced by the robots, but hardly to be fully replaced. It is a job that requires extensive knowledge and most of the time, psychiatrists also need to be able to sense what the others are feeling. Robotics are create by human, their knowledge are programmed base on what human currently understand. Therefore, a robot psychiatrist may have richer knowledge than a psychiatrist does, but they may not be as sensitive as we do. When the psychiatrists are replaced by the robots, they may have richer knowledge and able to identify patients’ syndromes, but can the robots understand what the patients are experiencing? If not, how are they able to face all varieties of situations and choose the right treatment? When the robots see a patient crying, can they actually feel them? Are they able to identify the difference between crying for gratefulness and sadness? Can they fully understand the reason of why the patient is crying? All of these process need the sensitivity that’s originally comes from human. Or else, it may be resulting both patients have the same syndrome and the robot gives them the same treatment, while one of the patients actually needs to be treated differently? So, is it possible for psychiatrist to be totally replaced by the robots and still remain the same results?
    If it’s me I may be choosing upgrading parts of my body for my own sake. However, I will still like to remain the emotions, which I think these are what robots will never fully understand.

  5. Profile photo of Kristina Zhang

    There are multiple future jobs I’m considering, and almost all of them cannot be replaced by robots entirely, for example a criminal lawyer. Criminal lawyers’ job is to defend their clients for crimes they have, or have not committed. But not just that, lawyers and human, and human have principles and judgments, I’ve seen cases where lawyers knew that the criminal have done terrible things and dropped the case that worth millions of dollars just for their conscience, their principle of being human, of having humanity. Even “bad lawyers” (bad lawyers means lawyers that have no conscience and will defend anyone just for the money) make choices, at least when they make choices they know that one of the choices will keep them up at night, and the idea of releasing someone that deserves prison will hunt them in their nightmares. Yet a robot does not and will never have such conscience and humanity, what they will do is work out defend testimonies and formulas of persuasion that the robot attorney itself will never fully understand. Maybe they are the perfect lawyers, but they keep criminals that deserves the iron heights out on the streets, if a criminal committed crime again after being released, killed thousands of people, who takes the blame? A machine? So the answer is no, no, I won’t upgrade my job, because every job on earth requires humanity, or else, why exist.

  6. Profile photo of Karen LeeKaren Lee

    In the near future, I hope to become a novelist. Although countless careers including knowledge-based jobs such as lawyer, architect, and doctor are predicted, by the futurists, to become threatened by robots and artificial intelligence, I believe that novelist will not be one of them. This is because, instead of large brain capacity or amazingly high intelligence, to become a successful novelist, one only needs imagination, writing skills, and ability to sympathize with others. Fortunately, with no human hearts to feel others and no working brains to imagine and to create characters, setting, plot, etc., none of the aforementioned requirements will be possessed by robots and artificial intelligence. However, there is a possibility that some robots or artificial intelligence will be developed to threaten this field of career by becoming translators, editors or even authors of non-fiction. The robot translators might be able to translate one language from another, but their limits might be in the word-by-word literal translation. Similarly, robot editors might only correct the grammatical and punctuation errors without any regards to the content or the development of the story. Authors of non-fiction might only be able to list out historical facts or mathematical data without any emotional input, thus failing to construct a crucial connection between the author and the character.

    I would “upgrade” myself. However, I would not change any significant portion of myself. In such a competitive world like ours, it would be necessary for one to endlessly evolve oneself to survive. Thus, for example, I would willingly take a surgery to enlarge my cerebrum, which is a vital part of the brain in charge of memory, in order for my memory capacity to expand so that I could memorize more words to use in my novels, thus making the writing more interesting.

  7. Profile photo of Aeolus HuangAeolus Huang

    Robotics technology are developing and getting more and more advanced. Robot technology can help people do some works more efficient and accurately. Robots can do many jobs better than human now, they even can replace some jobs that are knowledge-based such as doctor and lawyer, but robots can’t take over the jobs that need “thinking”, such as scientist. My potential job is zoologist, which can not be replaced by robot, because these kinds of jobs need thinking and imagination. Robots don’t have their own mind and imagination, which means they can’t do some research works independently yet. The knowledge of a robot is based on the knowledge that human have, which means they can’t get knowledge that human don’t have. The job of scientists is to find out the knowledge that human don’t have currently, so the robot don’t have ability to replace scientists.
    If I could upgrade my body by robotizing, I would chose to upgrade my muscles, so that I can be more powerful and faster, these abilities can keep me in safe in when I doing research in forest, savannah, or tundra, etc.

  8. Profile photo of Sarah Z

    I consider myself, or more relevantly I wish to be a scientist specifically for biological or chemical studies and experiments. Though I can’t be sure if it’s achievable for me, I put it as an assumption here. Now if I am a biological scientist, as the world gradually switches from ecosystem to “robosystem” or “machine-based system” or any technology based artificial system, I would be really worried about the potential of the aspect my career focuses on. It seems like as technology takes gradually over natural, as virtual takes over reality, people started not caring about the real eco environment, but instead focus more on virtual information, their own social systems across the Internet, or even:
    Let’s assume there would be a holographic technology applied widely over the world, where people could actually design houses, parks, reserves, or even landscapes, and those can be shared around the world.
    Once this type of virtual technology is built to transcend reality, most people would rather believe in the unreal fragrant than our everyday worsen real environment that might be sarcastically caused by overuse of technology, thus goes into a vicious cycle.
    However, this is only my assumption upon the vision over future. Technology could be advantageous while hazardous, depends on how people treat and use them. Environment might also on the other hand, being repaired and rebuilt by control systems, which would be definitely good to my career and the living environment.

    For the upgrade, I am still hesitating for my final decision. My principle would be, not until the last moment, I wouldn’t make myself not myself, simply because I respect what I am, and what an intact living being is. Though if I can’t even live without being modified to have a robotic part, I would be forced to agree since living should be put as the basic condition to have all the others based on it.

  9. Profile photo of henryhenry

    One of my dream jobs I am thinking about is economist. Economist sounds like a good job choice and can earn more money than most of other jobs. First I think economics is about creativity, rather than a subject that follows a scheduled way. Also, economics is more like a study of social behavior, and definitely people, not machines, understand the society of people more. As a result, it’s obviously important to have human-like behavior for the job of economists. However, machines have already intervened some of the economists’ jobs. It’s undeniable that machines can be more efficient than human when dealing with something mechanized.
    As for whether upgrading myself or not, I think the answer is yes, but not changing myself completely. The reason is that, as I said before, being a human has both advantages and disadvantages in this career; what I need to do is to improve those disadvantages. I want to have a chip in my brain that helps me to record and analyze economical data. That’s a perfect way to solve the problem.

  10. Profile photo of Woosung LeeWoosung Lee

    As robot technology improves, people will definitely lose their job in the future. Except those of the tasks that ONLY human can undertake, all of the jobs might be dominate by robot industry. Naturally, the only actual people who will be earning money will be those of robot makers. Hundreds of existing careers can be alternate by robots, and the robots might do better job than humans: calculations, simple labour, making things in balance, etc. If the only way to get a job is robotizing myself, I would change portion of my body. Since the condition is that robotizing part of the body is a common thing in the future world, I would not feel any awkward because of robotizing. Also, because I am still leaving my most of the body ‘human’, having sense of myself, I will pleasant to change partial of my body robotic.

  11. Profile photo of Lilly GuoLilly Guo

    I always believed that robots would become more intelligent as the technology become more developed. It is an undeniable truth that they are more efficient and more accurate than us. I also believed that in the future, there is a chance that new technology or robotics will replace most of the jobs. This will definitely have a huge impact on the society.
    But there are some jobs that new technology will never be able to replace. As I mentioned before, I have to admit that in some ways they are better than us, but all the things they can do is do whatever the code said. They could never literately create something. Personally, I want to design jewelries in the future. but can robotics design something totally special and never be seen before? In this case I don’t think robotics will affect my potential job.
    If one day I have to upgrade myself in order to keep my job, I will do it. One reason is that I really love my job and I never want to lose it just because that I am not willing to change. Another reason is that I don’t see how upgrade myself has anything to do with being my self. It ‘s not like I will become someone else after I robotize a portion of my body. Consequently, upgrading myself is okay with me.

  12. Profile photo of William HanWilliam Han

    Robots have the potential of replacing many occupation that human now have because they are much more efficient and convenient. This situation actually happened during the first industrial revolution period when the Great Britain started using machines to substitute human labors; many workers faced the problem of structural unemployment. My potential career might be a scientist, which could possibly be replaced by artificial intelligence. Many of the practical works can be done by the robots because they have precise calculations and really small chance of making errors. They are more trustworthy. However artificial intelligence lack the ability to think independently, which means they cannot come up with theories. However science is about practical work, and it is a total advantage for robots. Therefore, if the only way of keeping my job is to upgrade myself, I will definitely choose to do so because I will still have my consciousness but have better ability to accomplish more sophisticated work.

  13. Profile photo of MatthewMatthew

    Robots are replacing jobs that are mostly based on physical strength. These jobs requires less amount of knowledge, which often involves a repetitive amount of work. For instance, factories workers do the same work repetitively over a day. Using robots are more efficient in terms of accuracy and the fact that humans need rest and robots don’t. Career that are more creativity-based such as artist and architect will probably not be replaced by robots. People do not appreciate art from an inanimate being. Social-based jobs, such as teachers and counselor, are more about interaction between humans. Robots cannot perform these jobs well because robots do not even know what humans are thinking.
    I would like to be an chengguan, also known as the urban management officers . This job is simple. I wander around the street. When I see a street pedlar, I just chase them off. Chengguan may be replaced by robots. Future robots may have wings installed, which grant robotic chengguan the ability to catch street pedlar more efficiently. They may also have scopes installed, they will be able to see target from a large distance.
    I will not replace myself with robotic parts to upgrade myself. From the perspective of chasing off street pedlar, replacing my legs with wheels will give me the ability to perform well. It is not worth at all to spend a lot for upgrading myself, just to chase off pedlar for my whole life. Robots Chengguan performs much better than humans. 1. They cannot be bribed. 2. They are not weak so that there will no longer be reports about Chengguan getting hurt by citizens.

  14. Profile photo of Cynthia Jiang

    The modern technologies are gradually taking place over our daily lives. As it is said by the experts, our future lives are highly based upon the use of technologies which could theoretically improve our qualities of lives dramatically. I do agree with the point that technologies could be more functional and helpful to human beings in real life. Because they are programmed accurately to not make any mistakes, so that they would do better at every occupation in the future than humans. Therefore, although a lot of human beings might find it unfair that their jobs are replaced by robots, in my opinion, the robots have more productivity and working efficiency so that for the long term of human beings, they would be the most beneficial choice for us. As explained earlier, if I’m doing a job that could only be secured if I upgrade my body, I would be pretty happy to do that because I would think this is going to be beneficial for the whole human race by present and future.

  15. Profile photo of TinaShen

    In modern society more and more jobs are replaced by robots. They can do more and more jobs that without too much knowledge and skills requiring for people such as factory workers. But robots can only do the job which human command them to do, they can’t do any creativity jobs such as writing books because they don’t know what people are thinking about. They can’t understand people’s “logic”. I would like to be a artiest in the future, I will create different kinds of artworks in the future such as paintings. If the only way for me to keep my career is to replace my body or brain to robot, I will not accept the robotizing. Art is about using a way to present the thinking of artists. If someone replaced some part of my body like my brain or hands, I will not create any valuable art work anymore. Because this work is based on challenging both thinking and hand making skills. It needs long period of time to practice these skills. Robot can’t help me with this area any way. So it is better for me to choose to lose my job.

  16. Profile photo of Rebecca WangRebecca Wang

    Currently, I am considering being a doctor or a pharmacist. After reading the article, I predict that by the time I grow up, robots will replace human pharmacists, and being a doctor is not so hopeful as well.
    According to my knowledge, pharmacists are chemists and biologist that study drugs. They observe the effect different drugs have on human and work to create/find new drug to help human. Unlike doctor, they do not work in hospital. They work in research lab. They apply recently discovered/created drug on diverse people and collect data so that they can decide whether they should put this drug on market.
    According to the article, robots are way more sophiscated thus more accurate. One day in the future, lets say, pharmacists (robot) are testing a new drug that stops tuberculosis from killing human. After applying the chemical medicine, they can inject robot only 1nm3 in size in the tester’s body and collect data of how their lung reacted. Those data can be send out and other robot can easily process the data, and of course way faster than human. With robot, the environment of the lab will be cleaner because robot don’t have skin cells that dies very often. Simply use some kind of metal with special coating that prevents medal from erosion and contaminating the drug. If robot are to compose the drug, they can be more accurate. Robots have really precise and diligent movements, they can control the volume of solute added accurately, whereas human might put in a little bit too less or too much. When analysing the statistic, human needs to record the data in a computer and set up the formula to let it calculate. With robots, they can easily calculate it themselves.
    So… in conclusion, I think I might just change an area to study. (Actually just kidding. I love chemistry and biology)

  17. Profile photo of Betty Ai

    I always think that the robots will become more accurate or even more intelligent because of the technological progress. As a result, they might take the place of some people from their jobs in the future. However, I still think there are some kinds of jobs that cannot be replaced. For instance, in the future, I would like to become an architect. In my opinion, being an architect need not only accurate calculation but also innovative design. But robots cannot do those creative things because they cannot think independently. Maybe they won’t make errors on calculation or measurement, but they still can’t make a specific design for houses. Thus, I don’t think they will influence my potential job in the near future. As the “upgrading” thing, I might not think about it. Because If I upgrade some parts of myself, even if I become more accurate, which might improve my skills, I will not be myself anymore. I know upgrading might give me a lot of profits, but it is because nobody is perfect that we called “people”, not “robots”.

  18. Profile photo of Cathy YounCathy Youn

    Our society and the technology are growing day by day. However, I think that one of my considerations for future careers, music teacher cannot be replaced by robots entirely. For example, I believe that math, science, etc that kind of subjects are can be replaced by robots slowly. This is because, these subjects are perfectly logical. Although, this job requires amount of knowledge and more study is needed, music is very emotional subject and very sensitive. They would be programmed more than humans and they obviously known for very high intelligence, but they won’t understand what students really want. Teacher is not a simple job because it is required as well as deeper knowledge, we need wider heart. How many people choose robots instead of human? I personally think that most of the student wants human. Even though, robots are so knowledgeable, they can’t be compared advantageously with human. This is because, they are programming by human and there is a general lack of empathy.
    If I can upgrade a part of my body and brain in order to keep my career in the future world, I won’t upgrade myself. As I mentioned before, I’m sure of that robots never fully understand kids, teenager or young adult, etc. As a result, I strongly believe that understanding is more important than knowledge. In addition, the only way to improve my skill is study hard and makes an effort to change.

  19. Profile photo of 1427004067

    As techniques are developing, it won’t be too far that robots get into in our daily life and influence our future job choices. Robots are getting more advanced and can do more complex or dangerous works that human can not do. This is a growing tendency that robots are taking place in the job market and substituting human more and more. As robots are machines, they strictly follow their programs, and thus make less mistakes when facing the problems that have been programmed. One job I am considering doing in the future is doctor. This job may be replaced by robot in the future. The basic examinations can be done by all robots then the robots will diagnose what problem you have caught based on the results from the examinations. Robots makes less mistakes than humans do as I said before, besides, robots will not be influenced by emotions or feelings. For example, a mankind doctor may make a diagnosis that is affected by if he or she likes this patient or if he or she feels good today, so that this diagnosis is not so accurate as when a robot diagnose the same patient. In a case like that, if the patient catches a deadly disease and need to be treated at once, then the patient may probably die if he is sent to a a doctor who is extremely sleepy or depressed.
    I don’t oppose the idea that “upgrades” myself. In other words, I am willing to replace part of my body into machines if that will make me become more functional, despite it’s the only way to keep my job. But, my bottom line is to keep my emotions and self-consciousness.

      1. Profile photo of StevenYang

        Nowadays, technologies are developing by unimaginable speed, and certainly it become part of our daily life, it seems to me that people can’t live without it. Since the laziness that human-being born with, we created something similar to us or even replace us which is called “robot”.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if robots can replace some of careers, because after all, that’s what robots for. They have a much more stronger “brain” than us, which means that they can storage much more information than us, and their ability to calculate. They can solve a math within a second but human-beings can’t.
        Therefore, I think careers that requires speciality knowledge will be replacing first. For instance, chemists. Because chemists required to memory things like prescriptions, meaning that a chemist needs to learn that from books or personal experiences. However a robot can learn it within a minute, because a programmer can easily transport all the knowledge that is available on the Internet to the robot just by pressing a key. And those knowledge is even more than a chemist could receive throughout lifetime. Thus, I think jobs require speciality knowledge will be replacing first.
        On the other hand, there might be some jobs that will never replace by robots. Teacher is a great example. Because teaching is not only about tell students the knowledge. But more importantly, how to clarify it, make students understand, which robots are incapable of. And that’s the biggest difference between a human and a robot. Humen can share feelings, their experiences and simplify complex things. And robots can’t, although they are much more knowledgeable than human-being, but they are all created by human. Therefore, I think robots can never replace jobs that involved with feelings and personal experiences.
        In conclusion, I think a robot can replace careers that require speciality knowledge. But it can never replace jobs that requires personal experiences.

  20. Profile photo of Annie Xu

    Nowadays, robots incrementally replace human in some careers, but I do not think robots can entirely displace. I am interested in composing, so I am deciding to be composer as a part-time job. To be a composer, the person should know about all the music theories, and can recognize different styles of music. To be honest, if these are only what a composer is equipped with, robots can really out perform than human. But composers do far these. A successful song or a successful piece of music not only means higher skills, but also means the song can touch people. Most of the songs that people like to listen have their own stories and their own feelings. Therefore robots cannot write songs that can touch people because they do not have emotions. But robots can be good assistants. After composers finish composing, they can use robots to add some musicianship in the sheet music so that the songs will sounds more interesting and more technical but still touched.

  21. Profile photo of Soul

    I believed that as technology is developing, the artificial Intelligence will take some jobs step by step. The first type of job that robots will take over is service industry. Then as the robot’s intelligence grow, they will do some professional jobs like doctors, lawyers and some other jobs that have rules to follow. But I think there must be some kinds of job that robots can never do better than humans. like the Arts things. I’ve been thought to be a writer in the future and I don’t think AI can affect my job because robots are programed, and they only can do things that have a clearly rule, but not to created something new. So they can never compose a poem or a novel by themselves.
    Further than that, the most important thing in writing is to have human interest. How can a literature work that written by a non-human has human interest?
    But if there is a chance for me to upgrade my body, for example make my brain more stronger, I will accept. While my body physically become stronger, my soul still here. That’s perfect.

  22. Profile photo of Sukey Ng

    Nowadays, technologies are taking most part of our lives, and as the technology getting more and more innovative, the more and more they take part of our lives.
    Robots are getting popular, and lots of movies about robots, so we all know that robots are “knowledgeable” and “intelligent” with their machinery brain. In fact many people think that robots will take over their jobs someday, but some of the people think that it will be easy for them, if the robot can do the work for them.
    I want to be artist, not only on art but also about some music or musical. I might want to teach someone on music, or I might teach someone on art, these will all depend on myself, because I think becoming an artist is a comfortable career for me. It’s about freedom, for example, if I don’t want to teach anyone, I just want to relax and draw some picture according to my imagination, then I can just follow my heart to draw. If my mind will be control by the robot, and need to upgrade, I wouldn’t consider that, because being an artist is about freedom and imagination, not only about skills, so I will not upgrade myself.

  23. Profile photo of Andrey BorodinAndrey Borodin

    The growth and development of technology has been going on for as long as i can remember, but only now has this development become somewhat of an enemy to the human workforce. In the future i hope i can become a businessman of some type, and i think if in the future the only way for me to be able to perform my job is «upgrading» myself, i wouldnt really mind. I think the main reasons why many could be against such a thing is because people are extremely intimidated by the unknown. Although i do understand that robots are of great capability to do lots of thing, i dont yet see how they will be able to overtake the job of an enterpreneur. Robots are better at better than us in many ways, but i think the randomness of the business world might be still a little too much for robots. As far as i understand enterpreneurs need to be able to be able to come up with think dont really make anything new yet on their own yet. Also alot of business decisions and ultimately success cant be completely calcuted and are just based on human intuition which i dont think robots are able to do well yet. In the end if i had no choice but to «upgrade» myself i would upgrade my calculative abilities, since robots are way better at that then humans.

  24. Profile photo of StevenYang

    Nowadays, technologies are developing by unimaginable speed, and certainly it become part of our daily life, it seems to me that people can’t live without it. Since the laziness that human-being born with, we created something similar to us or even can replace us, that is called “robot”.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if robots can replace some of careers, because after all, that’s what robots for. They have a much more stronger “brain” than us, which means that they can storage much more information than us, and their ability to calculate. They can solve a math problem within a second but human-beings can’t.

    Therefore, I think careers that requires speciality knowledge will be replacing first. For instance, chemists. Because chemists required to memorize things like prescriptions, meaning that a chemist needs to learn that from books or personal experiences. However a robot can learn it within a minute, because a programmer can easily transport all the knowledge that is available on the Internet to the robot just by pressing a key. And those knowledge is even more than a chemist could receive throughout lifetime. Thus, I think jobs require speciality knowledge will be replacing first.

    On the other hand, there might be some jobs that will never replace by robots. Teacher is a great example. Because teaching is not only about tell students the knowledge. But more importantly, how to clarify it, make students understand, which robots are incapable of. And that’s the biggest difference between a human and a robot. Human-beings can share feelings, their experiences and simplify complex things. And robots can’t, although they are much more knowledgeable than human-being, since they are all created by human. Therefore, I think robots can never replace jobs that involved with feelings and personal experiences.

    In conclusion, I think a robot can replace careers that require speciality knowledge. But it can never replace jobs that requires personal experiences.

  25. Profile photo of Sam JinSam Jin

    Robots will, and already is a threat towards people’s job. I do agree that robots are a better replacement for many existing jobs since they are specially designed for certain works. While computer and mechanic technology are upgrading so fast that surprised and threatened every one, robots are getting smarter and more intelligent that it could do more complicated jobs. They have completely turned from novelties to reality just in about few years, and it is still getting advanced with an incredible speed. From the fact we see of today and through history, using our common sense we predict that robot will occupy the whole world just in few hundreds of years.
    However, it is possible that we have over-worried about the evolvement of the artificial intelligence. Using theory of knowledge concept, the example of zombies and aliens can prove this perspective. The topic about zombie and alien have went crazy once upon last century. Hundred of movies about zombies and aliens occupying Earth were produced, and caused a huge panic. In modern days scientific knowledge and researches have proved that zombies are impossible to survive to cause infections on others, and aliens are too far away and impossible to attack the Earth. The fear of the unknown stuffs caused people to panic, but when people know better and learn more about technology, these things suddenly become jokes for people to laugh. It is possible that the same story happens towards artificial intelligence, just because people yet still don’t know it much and understand it well. World changes faster than people could imagine. After a few centuries, heck knows how many new jobs will appear for a new artificial intelligence age?

  26. Profile photo of Chad HanChad Han

    In modern era there are increasing number of jobs that are being taken over by the robots, such as factory workers, farming, and not only labor works but also intellectual works. Such as lawyers, doctors, and architects. However I believe that the job that i would like to have will not be affected by robots and technologies as much as other jobs do. The future job that I would want to have is a swimming coach, or working at a sports entertainment and management company.There are two jobs that I would want to do, first swimming coach; swimming coach has to teach under water and interact with students when teaching, however robots would not be able to do so. Since robots are electronic products they would not be able to be in underwater, and even if they developed to stay under water they would not be able to interact with students and teach them trough communicating. In addition, second job that I would want to have is job at sports entertainment and management. This job is about communicating with sports players, and connect them with sponsors or get them a contract. This job needs social skill and communication skills, robots with all the knowledge might not understand how to make a joke to make a sports player laugh. I will never robotize my body, because I am happy with my body already.

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